2017 SEATTLE WorkshopS

Masterclass in Portraiture and Fashion
Three-day workshop: August 4, 5 and 6
Location: PCNW studio in Seattle, WA, plus other Seattle locations
Contact PCNW for more information.

Portrait and Lighting Tips
One-day workshop: October 28, 2017 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Glazer's Camera, Seattle, WA
Contact Glazer's Camera for more information.

2017 NATIONAL WorkshopS

Santa Fe Workshops 2018: Poetry of Portraiture and ABCs of Beautiful Light
Stay tuned for two one-week workshops in July of 2018, exact dates to come.
Contact Santa Fe Workshops for more information.

LightMatters Courses at Rosanne's Seattle Studio

Light is a language that informs our world, whether we realize it or not. Photographers, painters, cinematographers and other visual artists learn to use light to tell the stories and move their audiences. As with any language, one must begin with the basics to develop a good foundation, then move on with these skills to make images that speak to the heart.

LightMatters is a series of small group classes (six people or fewer) taught by Rosanne. The classes meet monthly on a weekend afternoon (Saturday or Sunday) to accommodate people who might otherwise not have time to attend intense 10-week sessions. Below are the 2017 classes that are ongoing. Similar classes will be taught in 2018. Please email if you are interested.

Comments from Students

  • What a great investment your classes have been. :)
  • Your classes changed everything for me!
  • I am so grateful to have had this class with Rosanne. My interest and love for photography have been reinvigorated because of it.
  •  Best photography class I have ever taken!
  •  A lot of work—very challenging and very worth it!
  • Great combination of clear lectures, detailed feedback and dedication to the class!
  • Rosanne is an excellent teacher, passionate about the subject and provides thorough, helpful explanations and feedback.
  • I can honestly say that having Rosanne as a teacher this semester makes me feel like a more confident photographer. I am very glad I took this course!